We offer several levels of editing to match the look and feel you wish your finished images to have.  

There is a ridiculous amount of work that goes into our Basic, Enhanced and Enhanced + Retouching post production work. But, to make it easy to understand, the following is a very simplified explanation of our complex processes...

Basic - a single run through our automated editing software to balance the color and tone as needed.

Enhanced Editing - includes Basic plus artistic actions to give your images that extra boost.

Enhanced Editing + Retouching - includes Basic and Enhanced plus a run through our skin cleansing software to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. 

... of course there is also straightening, lightening, darkening, cloning, masking, cropping, transforming, flattening, contrasting, blah blah blah... but hopefully these scaled down descriptions will give you a sense of the editing and post production we offer in all of our packages.