Every. single. wedding. It happens... the DJ announces its time to cut the cake. The bride and groom excitedly head to the cake table then... they look at me with blank stares and mouth the words "what do we do"?  

So here it is, in its simplest form. How I instruct couples to cut their wedding cake. (Disclaimer: I am a Professional Wedding Photographer, not a Professional Wedding Cake Cutting Guru.  So below is what has worked for me, photographing couples while they cut their wedding cake so that I can get the best photos possible for them). 

{What you will need: Knife, Spatula, small Plate, Napkins}

1. Bride and groom both hold the knife.

2. Together, cut the BOTTOM tier, make 2 cuts like you're cutting a little piece of pie. 

3. Put the knife down and pick up the spatula type thingy.

4. Together, slide the spatula under your cut piece of cake and move it to a small plate.

5. One of you, cut the piece of cake in two, with your spatula.

6. Now, feed each other (it doesn't matter who get the cake placed in their mouth 1st -- or even if its at the same time). 

If you mess up, its ok. Just have fun. Enjoy your cake and we'll be on the sidelines, capturing the merriment. 

I hope this was helpful.