Should I have a first look or not?  

What is a first look?

All brides and grooms will have this decision to make.  Traditionally the First Look occurs as the bride walks down the aisle and the grooms sees her for the first time in her wedding dress. But the new fangled way occurs a couple hours before the wedding.  Its a situation we orchestrate and then step back and capture it as it happens. 

If I were handing out awards, the one for Most Enthusiastic Groom's First Look, would definitely go to Franmir, whose wedding to Lisa we recently photographed at the Glenpool Conference Center.   He was in awe when he turned around and saw his bride Lisa before him. He kept uttering "Wow" (and other joy filled sentiments, in his native Venezuelan language that I didn't understand). 

Whether you decide to do a First Look before or during the wedding ceremony is completely your choice.  Just consider the pros and cons, either way we would love to capture it for you.